Prenuptial agreement, Charlotte, NC

Should you get a Prenup?

For many couples getting married in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, the idea of a prenuptial agreement seems incredibly unromantic and even morbid. The last thing that newlyweds want to consider are the “rules of engagement” when they’re just entering their honeymoon period. At the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we consider prenuptial agreements to be an extension of the marriage.

Prenuptial agreement in Charlotte, North Carolina

Marriage is a contract, after all, and a prenuptial (or antenuptial) agreement is a more comprehensive agreement for both parties entering the marriage. It relates specifically to financial transparency and division of individual property or assets acquired before or during the marriage.

Although some prenups can outline in great detail what would happen in the event of the dissolution of the marriage (down to the alimony and separation of assets), typically prenuptial agreements are used to establish what would happen to property or assets as part of estate planning, or to protect members of a blended family.

Going into a marriage with a solid and equal understanding of the financial landscape is a sign of partnership and trust. A prenup does not indicate a desire or tendency toward divorce in any way and can help establish transparency for issues that need to be faced – especially if they are hot-button topics during the prenup process.

Like any contract, a prenup is a legal document that needs to be drafted by a family law attorney – although it is recommended that you and your partner use separate attorneys. If you have any questions about the process, our team is here to help.

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