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Make arrangements for the care of a minor child.

In some cases, it may be necessary for a child under the age of 18 to live with a legal guardian instead of their parents. If you are a legal guardian, you assume the responsibilities of a legal parent, like providing food, housing, access to medical care and education, etc.

Minor Guardianship in Charlotte, North Carolina

Taking on minor guardianship is different than adoption because it only changes the relationship between a child and their parents on a legal basis. In adoptive situations, the new parents become the legal parents, and the biological parents no longer have any obligations or parental rights.

If you plan on taking over the care of a child for an extended period of time, you should consider seeking minor guardianship. Without this type of legal arrangement, you may have trouble enrolling the child in school or seeking medical care for them, and you may experience other issues. Additionally, by becoming their legal guardian, you have the right to have some say in the future of the child.

At the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we can help you establish minor guardianship for a child in your care. We work with many caretakers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who want to pursue guardianship and protect the best interests of the child they are taking care of.

Establishing guardianship over a child can take some time, but we will oversee all the intricacies of this legal process on your behalf. Find out more about what this process entails and our role in it by contacting our office today.