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What to look for when looking for a lawyer

Lawyer in Charlotte, North CarolinaWhen “shopping around” for a lawyer, what should you actually be looking for?

Many law firms have a lot of the same messaging on their site: a list of services and sometimes a personal anecdote about the lawyer (and sometimes both written in that dry, legal jargon!).

At the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we know that our website is like a business card, but our business is in conversation. That to say that many of our clients are unsure and confused about the legal process and their place in it, until they have a conversation with us.

Working with a lawyer depends a lot on a foundation of trust and built rapport, to have those authentic conversations that address your concerns and help you move forward with your case. Choosing a lawyer is a big deal, because you don’t just need the right type of lawyer, you need the right lawyer.

That’s why getting on the phone quickly can be the best way to get direct answers to your most pressing concerns and see how you’re treated in the process.

Should I Consult with a Lawyer?

Laws are sometimes easy and straightforward. Other times, the interpretation of those laws is a bit more complex or confusing. Deciding when you should work with a lawyer can be equally confusing, since some broken laws lead to a simple fine, but other times there may be more complex issues and repercussions involved and you may wonder if you need legal representation. Here at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, our team of trained legal minds would like to help you. We have compiled a small sampling of instances in which consulting with an attorney is to your advantage. Consider the following:

  • If you need a trust, will, or another legal document drawn up. These are complex legal documents and need to be done with airtight wording. Skilled lawyers can help guide you through the process and provide you with the documents you need.
  • For the formation or dissolving of partnerships. Business partnerships, whether being formed or being dissolved, are best done when legal expectations are set from the beginning. We can help create partnerships that benefit both parties and dissolve partnerships equitably.
  • Divorce or separations. Particularly if children are involved, divorce and separation agreements need to be handled with a skilled attorney.
  • If you are arrested on criminal charges, drug charges or a DUI. If you are arrested, your first call should be to legal counsel who can help reduce the charges or give you the best possible outcome in your unique situation.
  • Filing a lawsuit. If you are experiencing discrimination, need help with a worker’s compensation issue or are being sued yourself, hiring a lawyer will work to your benefit.

If you are looking for a lawyer or are wondering if your situation merits legal counsel, please contact us today.

Scheduling a consultation is also a great way to weed out your options based on specialty, availability relative to your urgency, and general compatibility.

The truth is that today, you can align yourself with legal representation that reflects your political views and / or sexual orientation because these are now specialities in the law, and this is powerful. It’s possible to have a lawyer who will understand the nuances in the law for minority communities.

Our firm provides family law services for LGBT individuals and other marginalized families in the Charlotte, NC area. Give us a call today to schedule a personalized consultation with Janice to discuss your needs.

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