Divorce mediation, Pineville, NC

If you’re getting a divorce, read this!

“Conscious uncoupling” isn’t just for Hollywood starlets. At the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we want you to know that you can end a relationship with respect and even love by choosing divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation in Pineville, North Carolina

Divorce mediation is a safe space for you and your ex to resolve your issues and come to a mutual agreement for the terms of your divorce outside of the courtroom. The lawyer is a neutral third party in this process who helps you to navigate the dissolution of your marriage by navigating the conversation, providing support, and even helping to resolve conflicts that arise in this emotionally tense time.

Many people don’t believe they can settle their differences without resorting to hurting their ex or spiraling into arguments. It can seem too hard to “get personal,” and they may prefer to settle in court to avoid the drama they think is inevitable with a divorce mediation. In reality, a skilled and compassionate mediator has the experience to help you stay on common ground and find a resolution that works for both parties.

Not only is divorce mediation a more cost-efficient solution to end your marriage, it also helps you and your ex maintain privacy by keeping the divorce between you, your ex, and your lawyer. This more intimate setting can build the foundation for your future relationship as former spouses. This is why divorce mediation is especially helpful for couples with children who want to retain their friendship and co-parent.

Getting a divorce doesn’t have to be messy, painful, or cost you countless hours and dollars in court. We help couples from the Pineville, North Carolina area who are looking for divorce mediation. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.

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