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Let us get you the child support you deserve without the extra headaches.

Going through the divorce process can be a long and painful journey, especially when there is a child involved. With the support of our team here at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we will ensure that your case for child support goes smoothly and without any extra headaches.

Child Support in Pineville, North Carolina

If you are a parent with full custody of the child, your spouse or partner is required to pay an amount of child support that is based on your income and the amount of time you are able to spend with the child. Even if there was never any official marriage contract involved or your ex has limited custody of the child, they will likely still have to pay you child support to ensure there is enough money to cover the basic needs, schooling and care for the child.

You can rest assured that child support will last as long as the child is in one parent’s custody, is still a minor, or has not been emancipated or enlisted in the army. The requirement for child support may also come to an end if your parental rights have been terminated in court.

We are available to help you whether you are the parent with full custody of the child or the parent responsible for paying child support. We will listen to your needs, give you legal advice as needed, and be your advocate for you and your child’s rights in court. We can help ensure that you are treated fairly in court and the amount negotiated for child support will be the best possible outcome.

If you are in the Pineville, North Carolina area and need a family attorney who will help you navigate the difficult journey of divorce and child support, give us a call today.

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