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Get retribution for your divorce when we go to court.

Divorce can be difficult, especially when the cause was an act of adultery. It’s hard to accept that your happy marriage could have lasted had there not been a third wheel, or paramour, involved to disrupt the relationship between you and your spouse. Here in Pineville, North Carolina, our courts still accept claims for alienation of affection where you can file for retribution from the paramour.

Alienation of Affection in Pineville, North Carolina

With a claim for alienation of affection, you must be able to prove to the judge that genuine love existed previously in your marriage and that love was destroyed and alienated by someone else rather than by an act of your own or one from your spouse. We at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter can help you present this evidence for your case, so there will be no doubts from the judge.

When proving that the other person involved was the cause of the alienation of affection, you do not need any evidence of sex between them and your spouse or even proof that they were the one to initiate the love affair. We will help you prove to the judge that if the other person had not gotten involved, there might have been no love lost between you and your spouse.

Another thing to keep in mind with cases for alienation of affection is the timeline and location of the affair. As long as the affair took place no more than three years ago and within North Carolina, you should be able to file your case without much fuss.

If you feel that you have been a victim of alienation of affection and believe the other person should be responsible for paying for compensatory damages, give us a call today and we will help you take your claim to court.

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