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Our team has the right experience to help you come to a child support agreement that meets everyone’s needs.

When you decide to divorce your spouse, there are many important factors to consider, and one of the most important of these is child support. In a divorce, if only one parent is awarded full custody of the children, the other parent may be required to make payments in order to continue to provide for them. Determining how much child support is owed involves looking at many different factors and is definitely something that you’ll need to consult an experienced lawyer about. Fortunately, our team at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter has the necessary expertise to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Child Support in Matthews, North Carolina

We at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter understand that child support is most likely weighing heavily on your mind, regardless of whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent. Our team understands the importance of these calculations, and you can count on us to thoroughly review your situation and fight for the best outcome for you and your children. When you come to us for help with child support, our team will look at factors such as the total cost of your child’s basic needs, such as education, child care, etc., the custodial parent’s income needs, the income of the parent making the payments, and the child’s standard of living prior to the divorce. Based on these findings, we will do our best to achieve an outcome that meets the needs of everyone involved.

Here at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we are proud to serve the Matthews, North Carolina community, and we want to help you do what’s best for you and your children. If you need help with your child support arrangements, just give us a call.

Your Questions About Child Support Answered

If you are going through a divorce, you probably have questions about child support. We have answered some of these questions down below, so you can feel more confident about your child support case going forward.

What does child support cover?

Child support is designed to cover a child’s basic necessities and expenses, including necessary medical costs, academic expenses, shelter, food, and clothing. The needs of the custodial parent are not covered under child support arrangements.

How is child support calculated?

The court calculates child support payments based on unique factors to the parents and the child. For example, the court will typically consider the age of the child, the child’s medical needs, the child’s development, and other factors.

Does child support always end when a child turns 18?

Not always. Child support can continue after the age of 18 if the child is still primarily dependent on the parent paying for this financial support.

Why do you need a lawyer for child support issues?

In most divorce cases, child support issues are complicated, and parents have to frequently interact to come to an agreement. Hiring a child support lawyer can help you move this process along efficiently and reduce complications.

Why is your firm a good fit for my child support case?

We have over three decades of experience working on child support and family law cases. We are also compassionate to your needs and willing to fight for the best interests of you and your child.