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The “Love Local” movement

You may have heard about the “love local” movement, referring to the shift in how people are engaging in their communities and supporting independent businesses over the “big box” brands.

But what exactly does this have to do with our team at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter?

Local Law Firm in Pineville, North Carolina

If you subscribe to the love local movement, we’re proud to support you – and we appreciate and value your support and business.

We’ve been the local law firm for those in the Pineville, North Carolina area since the early 1980s, specializing in family law negotiation and litigation for often underrepresented members of our community. We’ve built our reputation representing minorities, military personnel, and LBGT individuals and families.

While this may not seem relevant to what the love local movement actually is, we’d like to make a case for it. We’ve been a local law firm that has been supporting our clients in every shape, size, color, and orientation. If that’s not a great example of a love local movement, we don’t know what is!

Today, people want to feel connected and engaged with their communities, and yearn for a return to personalized and quality customer service. This is the root of the “love local” movement, and a cornerstone of our philosophy. Our success as a local law firm is based on providing a high standard of service to our community.

Although we have grown our business in the last 30 years, we’re still proud to be offer the same neighbourhood service you’d expect from a local law firm. If you’re looking for a local law firm that has expert negotiators who will fight tirelessly for your rights, give us a call today.

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