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Enhance your post-divorce life with the help of the right lawyer.

After you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, one of the first steps you need to take is to hire a divorce lawyer. This individual will be responsible for advocating on your behalf on issues like child custody, property division, child support, alimony, and other topics that may arise during negotiations and court processes.

Divorce Lawyer in Pineville, North Carolina

Because of their nature, divorces tend to be highly emotional affairs that invoke a wide range of emotions, which can make it difficult to make rational decisions about different issues. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer serving clients from Pineville, North Carolina who can act as a guiding light during this emotionally tumultuous time in your life, schedule a consultation with us at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter.

With over 35 years of experience working on family law cases, our firm can help you successfully navigate your divorce and solidify a settlement that benefits your interests. We will work tirelessly on your behalf, making sure you feel confident and assured every step of the way. As your divorce lawyer, we will be available to you regularly to answer your questions, provide guidance and counsel, and help you clearly navigate the intricacies of the divorce process until a fair settlement is reached.

We know choosing a divorce lawyer is a decision you do not take lightly, and our firm will go above and beyond even your most basic expectations. To schedule a consultation or find out more about our services as a divorce lawyer, contact our firm today.

FAQS about Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Getting divorced is a major change in your life. When the time comes to hire a lawyer for help with this legal process, we know you will have plenty of questions. We have answered a few common ones we receive from our divorce case clients below.

Why should I work with your firm?

We put as much time and attention as is needed into every case. We also work hard to understand your needs and make the divorce process less strenuous for you.

What documentation do you need from me?

If child or spousal support will be part of your settlement, we will need a variety of financial documents from you. For example, we may need copies of tax returns, bank account statements, business profit and loss statements, real estate deeds, retirement account statements, etc.

How long does it take to resolve a divorce?

This is highly dependent on your situation. If your divorce is uncontested, it may only take a few months to resolve. However, if your divorce is contested, it will likely take longer. We can walk you through each step of the process.  

Will my divorce need to go to court?

Not necessarily. Many couples come to an agreement on child custody, property division, alimony, and other issues outside of the court system.

When should I hire a divorce lawyer?

As soon as you and your spouse make formal plans to divorce, set up a consultation with our firm. Seeking our help at the beginning can make your divorce go much smoother.