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When you need a reliable family lawyer, you can turn to our team to get the compassionate service and extensive experience you need.

Here at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we know that your family is important to you, and we want to help you do what’s best for everyone in it. Whether you need help with issues of spousal support, child custody, adoption, divorce, or even domestic violence, you’ll need the help of a reliable family lawyer. Our team has the expertise you need to navigate the legal process. We also understand that every case is unique, so we start our counsel with a discreet, one-on-one consultation to establish trust and go over the particulars of your case. We will make sure that we understand your needs and address any concerns so that we can build the strongest possible case.

Family Lawyer in Matthews, North Carolina

Because family is so important, family law cases are often emotionally intense, and this is especially true for members of marginalized communities. We at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter are committed to providing high-quality, reliable legal representation to all types of families, including members of the LGBTQIA community. Since the laws governing same-sex marriage, divorce, and adoption were all written relatively recently, this territory can be unfamiliar to many judges and lawyers alike, making it difficult to know where to turn for answers. When you need a family lawyer, you can count on our team to provide the expertise, support, fairness, and professionalism that you need to achieve the best outcome.

We at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter are proud to serve the Matthews, North Carolina community, and we want to help you do what’s best for your family. If you need a family lawyer, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Your Questions About Hiring a Family Lawyer Answered

If you are looking for a family lawyer, come and see us at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter. To affirm your decision to work with us, we have answered some questions about partnering with our firm below.

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When should I hire a family lawyer?

You should hire family lawyer when you face any type of legal situation that has to do with your family. For example, you should hire a family lawyer before your divorce, if you want to adopt a child, or if you want to alter an existing child custody plan.

What can a family lawyer help me with?

Our firm can help you with the divorce process, adoptions, alimony, guardianships, grandparent rights, and more.

Why is your law firm different?

Our approach to family law situations is personable and focused on helping you feel confident. We know family law issues are emotionally charged, and our role is to ease your stress and uncertainty.

What happens during the initial consultation?

During your initial consultation, we will talk to you about what to expect throughout the legal process. We will also help you understand what you need to do to support your case.

Can you help with my divorce?

Yes! Having a lawyer on your side is invaluable as you go through the divorce process. As soon as you decide to end your marriage, schedule your consultation with our office.

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