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If you are looking for the right divorce lawyer, simply reach out to our team.

The decision to separate from your spouse is never easy, and the process of divorce isn’t exactly a cake walk, either. Here at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we want to help you make this process as smooth and painless as possible so that you and your partner can move on with your lives, but you can also count on us to fight for the spousal support, marital assets, or custody or visitation rights that you deserve. If you are looking for a reliable divorce lawyer, you need look no further than our team.

Divorce Lawyer in Matthews, North Carolina

As we previously stated, divorce can be a difficult process, and this is especially true for members of underrepresented communities. LGBTQIA individuals, for instance, often face additional complications in the divorce process due to the complex legal history of same-sex marriage and adoption, and similarly thorny complications can arise for recent immigrants, military members, and others. At the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we are committed to leveling the playing field for marginalized individuals, and we will fight tirelessly to give you the justice you deserve. Our team focuses on building trust with all of our clients, and you can count on us to do all we can to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter are proud to serve the Matthews, North Carolina community, and we want to help you navigate the divorce process. If you are looking for a high-quality divorce lawyer, just give us a call.

FAQs About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Getting a divorce is probably not something you ever planned on. But if you face the end of your marriage, hiring a lawyer you trust is key. To encourage you to work with us at the Law Office of Janice V. Coulter, we have answered some common questions our firm gets asked frequently below.

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When should I hire a divorce lawyer?

As soon as you make the decision to divorce, contact us. Hiring an attorney early on in your divorce can make the process go smoothly.

What sets your firm apart?

We listen to our clients and always do what is best for them. Hire our firm, and we will be a fierce advocate for your interests as well as the interests of any children involved in your marriage.

What issues can you help me resolve?

As part of your divorce, we can help you with child custody, alimony, visitation, and other related issues. We are a family law firm, so any legal issue related to you and your family is something we can help with.

How do I set up a consultation?

Setting up a consultation with us is quick and easy. You can either give us a call or fill out the form on our website to get in touch with us.

How long does it take to get divorced?

How long it takes to get divorced depends on a variety of factors, but most of the divorces we help with take anywhere from several months to a year to resolve in their entirety.