How to Make Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

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As a hopeful adoptive parent, you’re doing everything in your power to prepare a safe and loving home environment for your future child. The best way to ensure that your adoption profile catches the attention of the decision makers (birth mother) is by making sure your profile resonates with them.

How to Make Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

Does your adoption profile really stand out among others?

Considering what an expectant mother who is giving up her baby will factor into her decision, you can tailor your profile by focusing on the things that matter most in your profile: your letter to the birth mother, and your story of who you are.

The letter to the birth mother should be about her, not you. It can easy to focus on your hopes, your dreams, and your challenges in creating and building a family when filling out an adoption profile. However, it all comes down to the birth mother’s decision for her future child, and her mind may not be made up until she decides your family is the right fit.

Your profile will have plenty of information about you, so tailoring a letter to the birth mother in a way that shows your empathy for her experience, your appreciation and respect for her decision, and acknowledging that what she is going through must be so hard for her. Your empathy can go a long way to building a real connection with the person reading your application.

Another tip for your profile is to not overwhelm prospective birth mothers with your life story. Your adoption profile should be well organized, concise, and show real personality that reflects you and your spouse both (“we”, not “I”). When sharing details of your life, be descriptive, but not verbose, and focus more on the future with your child more so than your past struggles with infertility.

When including photographs, be sure to show real personality by showcasing your hobbies and passions, and include candid photos of you living your life and having fun. The birth mother won’t care that you’re photogenic, she wants to understand what your life is really life and photographs are an excellent way to “market” yourself without using up your word count.

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