Adoption for Same-Sex Couples: What You Should Know

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In North Carolina, there are no legal restrictions prohibiting adoption for same-sex couples and LGBT individuals. Adoption is possible via state-run and private agencies, although some private agencies have restrictions around same-sex couples and joint adoption. Generally, most public and private agencies will allow an LGBT individual to apply for solo adoption for a child that is neither legally nor biologically related to the individual.

adoption is a two-year process

It is a common assumption that LGBT and same-sex adoptive parents will experience longer or hard times when adopting, compared to heterosexual individuals or couples.

This is not necessarily true as many birthparents these days are indicating a preference for same-sex couples, giving gay and lesbian adoptive parents a leg up in the adoption process, making it even shorter than traditional adoption processes.

Typically, adoption is a two-year process that includes a number of variables, such as pre-adoption classes and home study as you wait to be matched to the right child.

With all the complexities in the law surrounding same-sex marriage and divorce, it is important to have a family lawyer with LGBT experience advocating your rights around same-sex adoption or family law issues to help mitigate some of the challenges that may arise.

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